Monday, February 28, 2011

Boland trials

So I'm back from a sick weekend in stilbay / jongensfontein. The drive there was horrible. It looks like they will never finish the road works on the N2. We had to stop at so many "stop & go's". It took us nearly 5 hours to drive to stilbay where it normally takes you 2 and a yeah, the drive was really shit.

The trial was held at jongens point on Saturday. We were greeted with pumping waves and perfect weather. 
Everyone was ripping so the competition wasn't easy. 

After surfing allot of heats through out the day i was exhausted when we had to surf the final but still kept my mind straight and focused for that last 20 minutes. I finished in 2nd place so I'm pretty stoked about that. Well done to Jacob Mellish for winning.
It was a great weekend of surfing and chilling with good weather and cool people.

The results were as follow:
1. Jacob Mellish
2. Rigard Smit
3. J.P Olivier
4. Jeandre Blignault

                                                          the crowd at 6 in the morning

                                                                       Rigard Smit

                                                                       Justin Torode

                                                                        Rigard Smit

                                                                         Rigard Smit

                                                                    Leon Du Preez

                                                                   Jessy Van Wyk

                                                                     Jeandre Blignault
                                                                        J.P Olivier

                                                                        Rigard Smit

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